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The four monasteries claimed immunity from secular control, but the counts of Flanders engineered their own appointment as lay abbots, acquired this control for themselves, and thereby consolidated their own position of power within the county.The territories of the early Flemish counts were referred to collectively as "Flanders" in contemporary documentation only from the early 1000s.Ms Merry’s lawyers will study divorce cases in London which have been hugely favourable financially to ex-wives — not least the case of Karen Parlour, who secured a ground-breaking settlement from the ex- Arsenal player Ray Parlour, a former teammate of Henry.

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On top of earnings from football Henry has highly lucrative sponsorship deals and appeared in an advert for the Renault Clio in which he starred with his wife and which is also famous for the phrase va-va voom.

Ms Merry changed her name from Claire to Nicole after her character in the television advert.

These abbacies of St Bertin (near St Omer), St Vaast (in Arras), and St Peter and St Bavo in Gent were founded during the period of gradual christianisation of Flanders and evolved into powerful local communities with extensive landholdings.

This process of evolution was presumably facilitated by their relative remoteness from the headquarters of the French archbishopric of Reims, whose ecclesiastical jurisdiction including the county of Flanders.

It is probable that the title "count" was attributed to them retrospectively by the later sources in order to boost the standing of the comital family of Flanders.

No reference to a pagus Harlabeccensis has been found: in particular it is not included among the Flemish pagi which are described by Vanderkindere.Henry had been dating Ms Merry, from Croydon, for two years.Two weeks ago, it is claimed, he walked out of the couple’s home in Hampstead and has not returned.Although the names and relationships of these individuals are referred to in a wide range of sources, the ancestry is shown in the present document in square brackets, indicating that the information should be treated with caution.Baudouin I Count of Flanders, and his successors until 1128, are shown in Chapter 1. Vanderkindere suggests that the original royal grant of territory to Count Baudouin I was limited to the doyenns of Bruges, Oudenburg and Aardenburg.He is anxious to move on with his life and maintain the best possible relationship he can with Claire for the benefit of their daughter Tea, whom he loves very much.