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There were several LOCAL citizens who bravely enlisted in the 54th Massachusetts.Some of these veterans are buried in a cemetery located in Columbia just off North Fifth Street.Meet The Thundermans, a typical suburban family that happens to have astounding superpowers.

I adore the kind of humor in "Henry Danger" -- there are many side-jokes that are aimed at an older crowd so parents/adults won't get left out. I enjoy the whole adventure, superhero aspect of it all.

I don't mind Piper -- she's supposed to be a brat and I find it funny.

aimed at adults feature topics/scenarios that are too "like real life" for a person like me who just wants to relax).

Call me an immature escapist if you want, but isn't that what t.v. Anyhow, I gave "Henry Danger" a try -- and let me say, I was surprised that it made me laugh so much.

Charles Demuth’s piece, “I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold” painted in1928 is displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

To see more works of Charles Demuth, go to Isaac’s Downtown & The Pickle Bar - it’s decorated with his work.

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When it comes down to it, if you don't take this show too seriously and expect golden gold at every moment, it's a nice way to pass the time.

Glad to see the show got picked up for more episodes.

Ever see the movie Glory with Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick, and a slew of other famous actors?