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The majority of music resources on the Internet are in English.That’s why it is difficult to look for Chinese songs on the web, If you are a Chinese song lover and want to download huge amount of Chinese music, you can try the following 10 websites to download Chinese songs for free.

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If you are from regions outside mainland China, It will show “ 2.

55nd Music is a popular website which hosts huge amount of copyrighted Chinese songs.

The site lets you download music in various formats like MP3, WMA and SWF.

Besides, Baidu Music App is available on PC, i Phone and Android platforms.

Users can choose their favorite songs on its song list and play online.

If you want to download your favorite song, just click song name and you will find a download button “歌曲下载” under the song name.Its App is available on PC, i Phone and Android platforms.The weak side is that it does not supports song search function. Migu Music Migu music is music portal of China Mobile, the largest mobile telecommunications network in China. On Migu users can almost find any song your like through its search engine. It's been a year of unending political disappointments, festivals going up in figurative flames, Nicole Kidman and Kardashian babies.Hopefully amid the chaos you've had some fun times, and perhaps even some freaky ones.Click this button and then click with the right mouse button on “本地下载 ” and choose “链接另存为”, then the downloading process starts. Sogou MP3 Sogou MP3 is a powerful music search engine.