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And while the heartfelt messages are nice, some are wondering who Nikki could be relying on day in and day out during this difficult time., there's no question that sister Brie Bella has her full support.

In fact, she was one of the first familiar faces to comment on Nikki's Instagram announcement with a simple, "Love you both." Nikki also has support from brother JJ Garcia and mom Kathy Colace."Nikki has been really leaning on her family thoughout this break up, especially Brie," a source told E! As for her WWE extended family, they appear to be more than supportive of the talented wrestler.

The likes of Alberto Del Rio and Paige or Zack Ryder and Emma are the ones that WWE decided to not get behind.Couples in WWE rarely last, so there is a new break-up or a new hook-up every week.Lita and Edge's sordid affair was later made public knowledge and both Edge and Lita became instant heels in WWE for what they had done to Matt.Matt didn't take the news too well and was fired from the company, before being reinstated and allowed to have a lengthy feud with Edge, whilst Edge's marriage collapsed as a result of his betrayal which allowed him to date Lita for a while, without it being in secret.Lita moved on to date many other Superstars including CM Punk, while Edge moved on to a relationship with former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix.

Beth left WWE back in 2012 after she was fired by Vickie Guerrero and it seems the couple first began dating after she left the company.

Professional dancer Gleb Savchenko added, "Love always babe @The Nikki Bella."Moving forward, Nikki remains focused on her family—including adorable baby niece Birdie Joe Danielson—and her career..

Next month, fans will get an inside look into the duo's relationship when season three premieres.

But when Melina was climbing the ranks in WWE before she was aligned with Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, she was aligned with a very different Superstar.

Melina was dating Mike Knox for a few months while she was still in development with WWE.

Lita and Edge had publicly revealed that they were having an affair and because of his reaction to the situation, Hardy was then released from his WWE contract.