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In 2002, after their disbandment, Ueto continued her music career as a solo singer under the label Pony Canyon, where she debuted with the single "Pureness".

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A former idol playing the “scandalous” role of an adulterous wife seems to have resonated with them even more.However, as another entertainment official stated the sudden rise in popularity also has it’s negatives.The plot of the series surrounds infidelity, as the main character Sawa Sasamoto (Aya Ueto) begins to have an affair behind her husbands back.The drama was a huge success with the finale earning an impressive 16.5% viewership rating.Aya and HIRO also promised to do their best in the future.

Aya Ueto (born September 14, 1985) is a Japanese actress, singer, idol, and tarento.

She was originally a commercial (CM) actress before she moved onto mainstream acting.

While she primarily acts in television dramas and movies, Ueto is still heavily involved in commercials, being known as the CM Queen for representing 10 different companies.

Dubbed the “Ueto Boom“, Aya’s influence and popularity can also be seen in other Asian countries including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Once the Chinese general public started to learn more about Aya naturally her past was looked into as well.

According to various entertainment officials, actress Aya Ueto is well on her way to becoming the most popular female Japanese celebrity in China.