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Between Paragon levels, Nephalem Valor stacks, and all the other assorted buffs and bonuses, it's possible to find a tremendous amount of Rare items during any given play session.

But the quality of these Rare items just isn't where it needs to be, so even though players see a lot of them, they no longer feel special.

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While these stats are great for boosting your damage they aren’t necessarily interesting or what we like to call "game changing." We want players to feel like entire new builds can open up if they get their hand on the right items.

Glimmers of this idea are already in the game with The Three Hundredth Spear and Thing of the Deep.

I’d like for there to be a mode for players who don’t want to play online and don’t care for the microtransactions.

Remember when Blizzard supported spawn copies of games?

The item hunt is core to the Diablo experience and we're determined to make it even better in Diablo III. When a Legendary drops, the question that goes through a player's mind should never be "is this a good item? " For example, if you are playing a Demon Hunter wielding a Rare crossbow and a Legendary crossbow drops, we want your reaction to be "Holy crap, YES!

We've made several adjustments to the item game since launch with this goal in mind, but today I wanted to talk about a few of the underlying philosophies that are driving future changes to itemization. " not "*sigh* another Hellrack." It's a problem if players don't want to bother identifying their Legendaries, let alone pick them up. Legendary Stat Ranges: Lots of factors go into making an item good, and one of those factors is how high the stats on the item can roll.Now, imagine that we dropped 25% as many items, but the Intelligence range was instead somewhere around 75-100.In the end, you'd find fewer items, but more of the items you find would be worth equipping. (On the topic of identifying hundreds of Rares, it's worth adding that while most of this blog is about overall item philosophy and our goals down the road, one of the short-term changes we're making is adding an "Identify All" option, which should be coming in 1.0.8.) We frequently discuss the Diablo economy, as we want players to feel that gold is a valuable commodity, useful in ways beyond just the auction house.We don't want out of control inflation, but we also don’t think that taxing players is the proper approach.Ultimately, we want to provide players with things that they are excited to spend their hard-earned gold on.(Everything we're suggesting for Legendaries also applies to Sets, too, by the way.) Increased Item Diversity: Item diversity is a topic that comes up a lot.