Updating a dataset igniter group dating

The easiest way to find it is to navigate to the settings and the dataset tab and click the data set – the group ID is in blue area and the dataset ID is in the red box, Notice that the Scheduled refresh is set to Off.

Then came the question, how do I update the dataset on the parent window once the new subbrand is added. I added in the date and time to the URL to further prevent XML caching.

That’s all the code required to update the select list.

Now replace the script with the Power Shell script from the previous section.

Now you can save and click run to see if the script works If the script succeeds – you can check whether the dataset is updated via the Power BI dataset refresh history By clicking Get Function URL We will get the POST Url that we will use later in our Flow.

I am trying to get this to work in a simple example.

First I look up a User and get their data displayed in a form in my Website, this works fine, then I try to change the data displayed in the form and hope that the Data Set gets changed, then I call the method Update DB() in my Web Service. Update(my Data Set, table Name); You can also refer this link for more details:

But as I recently bought flic buttons (https://flic.io/) so I wanted to change the setup a bit so the dataset is updated when I click the button – sort of my first IOT project.

We need the dataset ID and group ID where the dataset is placed.

Open your Microsoft Flow in your Office 365 portal and create a new blank flow Now we can select between a lot of different triggers that can activate our data refresh in Power BI.

It could be certain tweet, a mail in an inbox or in onedrive and many more – we currently have 160 triggers to choose from.

In this way, the select list is updated as soon as the update is completed.