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A welcome addition since most other baby gates makes you buy these separately. The door is ridiculously easy to open with just one hand and can swing both ways which makes opening the gate easy regardless of what side you are on (gates that only swing one way are for chumps).

If you are plus sized I would definitely steer well clear of this gate.

So even though you hardware mount this baby gate at the top of the stairs, I would avoid it because of the narrow walkway that could lead to tumble town (use these instead). Overall I was very happy with how this gate worked and held up to a toddler pushing hard against it.

Because I get bombarded with questions each week from parents trying to track down the best baby gate for a particular area of their house I decided to make the ultimate guide to help 99.9% of you choose your ideal baby gate.

Okay, so what is it you are tryin The first thing you will need to do is measure the area you are going to section off with a baby gate.

Be mindful that once your baby grows taller than 36 inches or heavier than 30 pounds, you should no longer be relying on a safety gate to restrain him.

This height and weight is usually reached around the two year old mark. There are extra tall baby gates available to ensure the safety of your little one.It can be surprisingly difficult to locate the perfect baby gate for stairs in your house.This is largely due to every house being different and don’t get me started on those houses that aren’t quite up to code (shhh).Be as accurate as possible as there is nothing worse than taking a baby gate home only to find it is to short to perform its purpose.While you are measuring your home, quickly measure your baby too.I use the stay open feature when I am unloading bags of groceries from the trunk of my car.