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But now it is inevitable; I have to reinstall Ad-Aware 2007.

I use Ad-Aware only on my Bart PE disc of last resort. Lavasoft has had a history of backing down when spyware/adware companies sue them, so I don't trust them anymore and I only use them as a tentative backup to Spybot.

Ad-Aware Plus and Professional users (as well as enterprise customers) will still be able to retrieve definition updates, according to a clarification posting on Lavasoft's user forum.

Ad-Aware 2007 includes a couple of important changes, notably the dropping of support for any Windows operating system prior to Windows 2000.

Since these cookies are being actively intercepted, they do not show up in either Adaware scans, or Spyware Doctor scans.

Ad-watch is only available with the Plus or Pro versions, both of which are fairly inexpensive, especially PLUS.

Ad-aware is the best spyware program that I have used, it ALWAYS finding more cookies than Spyware Doctor. (In addition to the limited user account, a firewall, and antivirus, of course.) Between business and personal PCs, I have 10 PCs running in limited user mode.

I was all set to download the new version until I read that it's always running. I've gone six months or more before running Spybot and Ad-aware on some of these PCs and the test results have definitely proven "limited" privilege benefits -- nada spyware or other malware.It also runs Ad-Aware as an ever-present Windows service, which strikes me as a curious decision, since my impression is that most Ad-Aware users use the program for on-demand scans rather than any kind of real-time detection.At any rate, Lavasoft explains its reasons for this change here.Be careful if you uninstall it as it leaves some services running afterwards which are very difficult to remove... Download the files to your ad-aware program directory.I do most of my surfing with a limited user account, but find that a few tracking cookies are still found by the several on demand anti spy-ware programs I run. I already tried Ad-Aware 2007 and thought it was a very poor "update" as compared to SE. A pain, but allows you to use current defs on a Windows 98 system, for instance.For those folks who feel that dealing with a limited user account is too much of a pain (some applications simply don't work well under limited user accounts without some serious tweaking), a similar and less restrictive solution is to use "Drop My Rights," a program that helps you set up your most commonly used applications so that they cannot be used as a conduit to change system settings or install additional software.