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Useful for processing security alerts, as well as deploying redundant and distributed Nagios graphing tool that parses output and performance data from Nagios plugins and stores the data in RRD files.

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The DNX module ensures that work is distributed fairly and evenly among the registered DNX client hosts.

allows you to remotely execute Nagios plugins on other Linux/Unix machines.

This article provides information on steps you need to take in order to update your existing add-on for compatibility with Firefox 8.

See Firefox 8 for developers for a complete list of everything that changed in Firefox 8.

It uses standard ports protocols (HTTP(S) and XML) and can be implemented as a replacement for NSCA.

allows you to integrate passive alerts and checks from remote machines and applications with Nagios.All of these APIs were rendered obsolete by the DOM4 specification.They were most frequently being used to detect whether the document being displayed was HTML or XML.If you had to manually edit a file in the Add On's folder, make sure you back that up before you delete the old copy of the Add On so you can easily restore the changes you've made.Not many Add Ons are configured this way (though a fair few of the ones I've written are, because I'm lazy); so it's fairly likely you haven't had to make any manual edits.Although a lot of things have changed in Firefox 10 that, in theory, can cause add-on compatibility breakage, most of them are relatively obscure, so they're not very likely to affect you.