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Any combination of the classes can completely shut down any healer or group of healers or just create a nice big ball of chaos that can pull groups off of towers or return a flag. If you see a well-geared, well-played representative of one of these classes, you should stick by him, as he can save your behind. If you supply no backup, you cannot complain when you receive none. Assist the Hunter who’s getting beat up by a Mage and maybe next time he will save your life when he notices it is about to end.Be A Friend: Any class meshes well with your class in a BG. Whether they do or not is entirely up to them, if you do it, people will probably notice.

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For the actual builds and details click through to one of the following pages.You can also scroll down to our tips section, below.Also check out Skill Capped for lots of Warlock Pv P videos. Be A Friend To Healers We’ll just start off with this: all healers are your friends.I do not care if he is from a different server and has a silly name, he is your friend. Be A Friend To Rogues, DKs, Warriors and Hunters Warriors, DKs and warlocks are all highly visible classes. There’s 10-40 people on the other team, did you honestly think you could do this by yourself? Support people taking or defending critical points.You may find yourself suddenly getting heals even if you’re pugging it.

Clouds of melee that despise you may suddenly find themselves getting bum-rushed. Do Not Stop Moving A stationary target is an easy target. Do not stand still any longer than it takes to complete the cast. His Trinket Is Probably Up Always expect to lose your first CC. Get the basic PVP Trinket FIRST This is your first purchase with Honor points: spend the honor points and get the pvp trinket (escape from roots/slows/effects) with a 2-min CD. Before you even consider anything else, you get that trinket.

‘Greater Multistrike Taladite: 50 Multi Strike Multistrike Taladite: 35 Multistrike Greater Mastery Taladite: 50 Mastery Mastery Taladite: 35 Mastery Greater Haste Taladite: 50 Haste Haste Taladite: 35 Haste Greater Critical Strike Taladite: 50 Crit Critical Strike Taladite: 35 Crit Greater Versatility Taladite: 50 Versatility Versatility Taladite: 35 Versatility Any effect mentioned that you can ‘Eat’ is referring to Devour Magic, not that you should sit there and take it.

Most of this was originally posted on the wow forums and it’s reprinted, edited, and updated here.

You don’t need the super expensive one, but you do need that trinket. At level 90 you can just buy it off the Auction House: Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity There Is No Best BG Spec Really, there isn’t. Some specs have certain advantages others lack: .to be completely honest, there is no ‘best spec’ for BGs.

(That said, the best spec will vary with expansions, patches, and your skill and gear.) Since you are in PVP, you should have Soul Link.

If specced into Grimoire of Sacrifice wait until you use your Felhunter’s (FH) spell lock before sacrificing the FH.