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Adhering to the core principles we’ve set for our Express products, Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop will provide a simple, end-to-end development experience for developing Windows desktop applications targeted to run on all versions of Windows supported by Visual Studio 2012.

Links: Sony's official Japanese page for the MDS-E12, on the page are links to feature and spec comparison charts. Reviews: Features: Pro version of MDS-JE520 with more rugged MD transport. It sounds like a reverb and delay has been put on the sound.Total Audio Solutions (UK) has detailed specs on the MDS-E12. I suspect, after speaking with SONY, that a software upgrade will hopefully be available soon to correct this problem plus any other 'bugs' in the unit. Andreasen provides an interesting review of Sony's MDS-DRE1, discussing its application to square-dance calling. resp.: 5-20k Hz /- 0.5d B, SNR: Features: Rack-mountable MD recorder. MDLP support, 10 programmable Hot Starts, auto cue, auto pause, variable speed ( 12.5% ), PC keyboard input, wired remote, digital record level trim, multifunction display, editing functions including RAM EDIT (allows editing in-memory copy of MD-TOC without updating disc, useful for working with pre-recorded and write-protected discs) and A-B ERASE.1) In information technology, an application is the use of a technology, system, or product.2) The term application is a shorter form of application program.Features: Nearly identical feature set to MDS-E10, but adds: parallel and serial (RS232) remote interface, relay-play/relay-record (record/playback that can continue on an additional MDS-E12), unique "Auto Calender" function that appends current date and time to the track name, and analog XLR I/O. Includes remote control RM-DR1J and rack-mounting metal fittings. Whenever you do, relatively large amounts of 'wow and flutter' develop.

ATRAC Type-R, MDLP capable, VARISPEED function ( /-12.5%), PS/2 keyboard connector, "Hot Start" can be set for up to 10 tracks, SPDIF digital I/O has digital record level trim & Scale Factor edit, balanced analogue XLR I/O ( 4 / -10d Bu switchable), improved editing functions with RAM EDIT (allows editing in-memory copy of MD-TOC without updating disc, useful for working with pre-recorded and write-protected discs) and A-B ERASE, "Auto Cue / Auto Pause" (with front panel control), RS-232 & Parallel remote control (with fader start), next track reserve & end of track (EOT) warning, real time clock, multifunction display. Additional planned features of the ergonomically designed, portable, tabletop unit include seamless looping; turntable-style scrubbing and trick play; digital archiving; digital disc and random access capability; "hot start" buttons, allowing up to eight tracks to be assigned simultaneously for continuous instantaneous play; slider faders to control pitch and tempo; and full song-based editing function (1/86 sec accurate) including the capability to divide, combine, move, erase or copy a track." Unit features independent speed and pitch controls ( /- 12% each). Problems: A user reports: Only one small problem is evident in the unit and it relates to changing speed of playback.The constant stopping and starting and high-volume production of an Agile sprint can be stressful for any developer to keep up with.Download this Agile management guide to learn tips to improve the dev process in your organization.A Sony flyer has short descriptions for several MD units, including the MDS-E12. -Jeremy Koch ([email protected]) Followup: Jeremy reports that Sony Japan (via Sony Australia) has acknowleged that there is a fault with the units due to the processing chips they have used. Links: Sony's Japanese page for the unit, on the page are links to spec comparison tables. This provides the DJ the flexibility to create customized mixes and audio transitions in real time.It will enable a friction-free solution for existing developers to bring their desktop apps forward with the latest toolsets.