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Before running the backup, Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit has to be allowed to read BIOS contents.

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Afterward, you can start the backup by specifying the destination and name of the ROM file.There is no restore option available so you will have to rely on the BIOS built-in settings to restore the original BIOS configuration.Please don't judge me based on the beauty of the scripts I post.BIOSMode (From Mike Terrill – UEFI or Legacy) Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 str Computer = "." h Def Key = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE str Key Path = "SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Secure Boot\State" Set o Reg = Get Object("winmgmts:!The only minor inconvenient we found with this app is that its window cannot be moved (not on Windows 10, at least).

Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit did its job fast and without error, rapidly creating a BIOS backup file.To achieve this, in the TS, I write those items to the Win PE registry, so I can easily harvest it from bginfo.Since it's written to the Win PE registry, it's only temporary, and you don't need to worry about cleaning it up later, it goes away after the reboot.I then broke out hardware info about the physical machine into it’s own area, which includes additional built in options, and a few additional vbs scripts.Finally, pulling in OSD information from the TS that is running.No installation is necessary so you can extract the executable file from the downloaded archive and just double-click it to reach the main app window.