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Below is the installation guide for MLDonkey on QNAP NAS via QPKG software package and a basic usage to get you started right away. Choose the link that matches your NAS model to download the appropriate file.Once downloaded first unzip the file archive then go to ' Application' - ' QPKG' and install the file the same way as if you were updating the system firmware.

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If you reach this step successfully, Congratulations!You've just turned your NAS into e Mule/e Donkey downloader!Upon successful installation you should see a QPKG entry like the screen below.Now click ' Enable' to start the MLDonkey service.Now go to the ' Servers' tab, you need to first connect to some servers if it did not do it for you automatically.

You may now fire some searches and start filling up your ' Transfer' list.Additionally a “run update on startup” and “close after update” would allow for users to simply schedule a Windows Event to run the program, have it update the list, and close again at whatever time interval they want. However, it requires going into e Mule’s Options, clicking the SECURITY tab, then loading the file from the URL.I ask because apparently if I close the program it ceases to function and the 6 hour update will of course not happen. From: ukaszek2nd Sent: Friday, June 3, 2016 AM To: David Moore/ipfilter Cc: Timothy Bowen ; Author Subject: Re: [David Moore/ipfilter] Please add e Mule support? After successful installation start the program and first of all you will be taken through a few steps for configuration.Now you should see a setup screen like the one on the bottom left.Much like u Torrent or other programs when closed have the option to move down near the system clock or “hide” and remain open / functional instead of on the main program bar. Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub, or mute the thread.