Updating google cache

Something that has always been a bit of a contradiction was that Google want the freshest content in their index, yet adjust the crawl date of statice pages to an ever growing length of time between crawls.

For instance, my consultancy site currently has a cache date of 3 days ago, but prior to that it was a good few weeks, well over a month.

In those days and doing that, it was possible to launch a site and have it at #1 within hours.How trusting were the search engines back then, but then again, is giving them what they want wrong?A Linux user and gamer, warren trains in martial arts as a hobby.He has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in psychology, and further qualifications in statistics and business studies.By having the ability to retrieve the data from the cache as opposed to retrieving it from the server, the software is able to more quickly access the data.

However, in order for the software to function properly, the cache must be periodically updated to ensure that the cache stores the most up to date data.Advantageously, the software maintains a cache for storing the required data after the data is retrieved by the software from the server.Once the required data is in a cache, the software need not retrieve the required data from the server; the software can retrieve the required data from the software's cache.To ensure that the data that is stored in the cache does not become stale and to avoid network overload, the software updates its cache at a random point in time. Field of the Invention The present invention is generally related to the field of caching, and, more specifically, to systems and methods for updating a cache. Discussion of the Background A cache is a data storage medium that is used by software (e.g., a computer program) to store recently accessed data that was retrieved from a relatively slower storage medium.The purpose of a cache is to speed up subsequent access to the data.Some key points are :-This new functionality may help you in several situations: if you’ve just launched a new site, or added some key new pages, you can ask Googlebot to find and crawl them immediately rather than waiting for us to discover them naturally.