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® (SEP 2000) clause:a) The Contractor must participate in the GSA Advantage! Information and instructions regarding contractor participation are contained in clause I-FSS-599, Electronic Commerce.b) The Contractor also should refer to contract clauses 552.238-71, Submission and Distribution of Authorized GSA Schedule Pricelists (which provides for submission of pricelists on a common-use electronic medium), I-FSS-600, Contract Pricelists (which provides information on electronic contract data), and 552.243-72, Modifications (which addresses electronic file updates).“Mandatory Contractor Participation in GSA Advantage”Volume 60, Issue 3, September 2015Page 3GSA Advantage!

All necessary and pertinent information can be found at SIP Information and SIP Guides.

Mandatory Contractor Participation in GSA Advantage In keeping with the Terms and Conditions of your FSS contract you are mandated to adhere to the FSS and GSA Schedule Clause I-FSS-597 GSA ADVANTAGE!

GSA's key goal is to deliver excellent acquisition services that provide best value, in terms of cost, quality and service, for federal agencies and taxpayers.

GSA offers a wide range of acquisition services and solutions utilizing a variety of tools, contract vehicles, and services to meet the customer's specific needs including Multiple Award Schedules, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts, Technology Contracts, and Assisted Acquisition Services.

Previously, the GSA found that itself in the forefront of several protests from vendors due to a possible extension.

The OS2 contract extension was slated to extend through November and would allow for current vendors to continue their business with government agencies.

GSA’s Vendor Support Center (VSC) GSA owns and operates the vendors’ SIP Program.

You should always contact the VSC for downloading your “response files,” as this is the ONLY way you can acquire the files.

A Vendor’s electronic SIP (Schedule Input Program) catalog/text files must be received no later than 6 months after award.

The SIP files must be submitted electronically or via the SIP software.

The main source of the protests came from Coast-to-Coast (CTC) Computer products, which stated that the extension would establish an alliance that would cause hundreds of vendors to lose opportunities to work with the government.