Updating imovie

The undocumented changes below require that I go back and edit material and take new screenshots. But what irks me is that I need to spend a lot of time poking through the program looking for changes and searching online for information from people who are doing the same.

While 5GB may not sound like much for users with a huge 1TB internal disk drive, those running lower capacity SSD’s may find that 5GB of space better used for something else than unused apps.

Important: Only do this if you know for certain that you do not use these apps.

With the new Photos integration in i Movie, it's now possible for i Movie users to browse Moments, Collections, Favorites, and Albums that have been stored in Photos, using the Photos app to insert content into video projects.

Photos for OS X was first introduced last year and was provided to developers earlier this month alongside the first OS X 10.10.3 beta.

App Cleaner is a free third party app that removes apps and all associated files, which can simplify the uninstall process on older versions of OS X.

We mentioned this in our must-have Mac utility list, so if you already have it you won’t need to download it again.

As of last week, the Photos app is also available to the public through Apple's public beta testing program.

Designed to replace Aperture and i Photo, Photos for OS X integrates with i Cloud Photo Library, providing a unified editing and photo management experience across Macs and i OS devices.

Start a Time Machine backup of the Mac before beginning.

Deleting i Movie, Garageband, and i Photo will uninstall the apps completely from OS X.

With that off my chest, here are five things I’ve discovered that are different in i Movie ’09 8.0.1.