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is your problem only with clips in the timelines or do they disappear from events completely?

Following today's media event where Apple unveiled the 12-inch Mac Book and new details on the Apple Watch, the company has released a minor update to i Movie for Mac that adds in support for Photos.

As of last week, the Photos app is also available to the public through Apple's public beta testing program.Designed to replace Aperture and i Photo, Photos for OS X integrates with i Cloud Photo Library, providing a unified editing and photo management experience across Macs and i OS devices.For this, we’ll obviously focus on the trio of default i Apps that aren’t getting used on a users Mac: As mentioned, with OS X Mavericks this should be sufficient to clean out the extra space, and you’ll typically recover 5GB or more of disk capacity simply by selecting and deleting those three apps.However, prior versions of OS X may require an additional step or two to clear out the associated files: If the above method seems overly complex, you can also rely on the excellent App Cleaner tool we have covered before to handle the file removal for you.Regardless, we’ll cover the two methods of uninstalling the default apps.

Manually removing files is also fairly easy, and with OS X Mavericks it’s sufficient to uninstall any apps in general.The undocumented changes below require that I go back and edit material and take new screenshots. But what irks me is that I need to spend a lot of time poking through the program looking for changes and searching online for information from people who are doing the same.I understand that Apple isn’t creating its products for writers, and it can (and does) change features whenever it wants. But since the development teams must keep internal lists of what’s changed anyway, is it really so hard to spend an hour and turn those into useful release notes?I’m biased here, I fully acknowledge, because the following changes mean more immediate, unexpected work.I’m currently updating my book i Movie ’09 & i DVD Visual Quick Start Guide, and I also updated the i Movie section of Jim Heid’s upcoming title The Macintosh i Life ’09.After updating i Movie to 10.0.3, clips from various projects are intermingled. In others, there might be two clips from a different projects in the project.