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In order to address this, when the throttle is below min_check, and when stick arming is used (vs. If you are using motor_stop, the motors also stop running when the throttle is below min_check.Sometimes, this behavior is referred to as a deadzone at the bottom of the throttle stick travel.

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The following FAQs are common questions that were asked in Boris' ßF or other RCG threads.Many of these do cover Basics but be Aware that some cover specific Versions of ßF Firmware and may be Obsolete for the later Versions of the firmware.Using a safe technology, the program scans your computer, finds and identifies all hardware components.It also matches the installed hardware with the correct driver and downloads latest driver updates on your computer. Therefore be sure to Read the Release Note Wiki pages to know what commands or features are currently supported.

If your question is not listed above then please check the following pages: Flight-Deep-Dive Start with the following video that gives a very comprehensive guide on Betaflight and the best practice approach for it's configuration:

Here is the kicker--how do you disarm the copter if yaw is active?

You would have to go full deflection and the copter would yaw like crazy.

p=34144329&postcount=20469 See the next FAQ topic ("How do I install Betaflight") when you are ready. When the 32-bit STM32 processors become available the Mutli Wii code was ported to the STM32 and was called Base Flight.

Due to politics others forked the Base Flight code to Clean Flight.

The FC firmware uses the mid_rc and these to calculate a stick value to hand off to the PIDC code. If a channel does not get to these end points then the FC will simply not see full movement, either on one side or both.