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The Iron Engine has been improved so you can enjoy large fights without worrying about issues. Stardock released new DLC for Rebellion in 2016 so it’s not entirely surprising to see them revisit it.

The game’s AI has also received some updates, making for more interesting challenges and gameplay. However, seeing as some recent ‘HD’ re-releases have changed about as much as this update yet been sold as separate games, this is great.

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To resolve the issue – Within the Steam client, select Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion from your Library and right-click, then select Properties.

Select the Local Files tab into the dialog that appears and then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

If you are having trouble with game, please see if what follows works for you.

1# Game Immediately Crashes / Black Screen Crash on Startup Make sure your drivers are updated else you will get blackscreen or immediate crash to desktop after launching the game. If these drivers don’t fix the issue, try the modified versions of these drivers.

Rebellion is discounted on Steam to £7.50/10,00€/.00 until Friday.

Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion has been released and we are seeing players experiencing common issues that were either addressed in the beta or can be fixed easily with a workaround.

If you are using Ad Block or Ad Block PLUS, please disable it and exclude Cheat Happens from being filtered. You can also try different browsers, especially if using Google Chrome.

Today Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment are releasing minor updates to Sins of a Solar Empire and its micro-expansions - Entrenchment and Trinity/Diplomacy.

5# Can’t Host a Game – How To Configure Ports/Multiplayer Online Verify your network and Windows configuration (If your network has a router that connects you to your ISP): 6# Rebellion Run Time Error This error occurs when your video card runs out of texture memory.

It’s was one of the major bugs during Beta and while Rebellion optimizes the use of Texture memory, you may have to tweak your graphics settings to fix this issue.

Under 3D settings select Manage 3D settings and then choose the Program Settings tab.