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Only problem is, it doesn't recognize it being installed. I've deleted the file in the App Loader folder, but still a no-go.

You will need to download Black Berry® Link to update your smartphone software.Once installed, connect your smartphone to your computer and you will automatically be prompted to update.Has OS 5.0 made the first-gen Storm the phone it should have been one year ago, or is it just polishing a turd since the Black Berry 9550 is just around the corner?Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.If your v3.x STor M32 board runs already a firmware, then this is the canonical procedure for upgrading: 1. Comment: If this is the first time the board is connected via USB to the PC, then Win will immediately start with installing the appropriate USB driver. Please, be patient and wait until Win reports that the device is ready for use. Comment: In principle you can use any GUI version to flash any version of the firmware. Now a black window (DOS console) should open and run the flash loader program, as shown in the screenshot. The STor M32 board will be reset and start running. Important: Do not forget to open the BOOT0 solder jumper.

However, a GUI which is of the same or higher version than the firmware which is to be installed provides easy access to the firmware via the selector fields on the field select the COM port which your STor M32 board is connected to (it's the same port you choose when connecting to the GUI). If your v3.x STor M32 board has not yet been flashed with a STor M32 firmware, or runs a different firmware, then one needs to resort to grass roots flashing methods for flashing the firmware (first-time flashing). Now a black window (DOS console) should open and run the flash loader program, as shown in the above. Verizon’s OS for the Black Berry Storm is only just out, and already the sequel has made an appearance.Version may only be a single point update on the current official release, but according to the BGR it makes a whole lot of difference.It only sees the .75 and says there is nothing to update. Verizon Wireless will roll out the latest Black Berry OS for the Storm beginning on Sunday. As reported by Crave, Verizon will push Black Berry OS version to Storm owners Sunday about 3 p.m.