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Eurostar said it expected to return to full service on Wednesday. Only employees with badges can approach the building.

Belgium called for three days of national mourning.• The reaction elsewhere?

London, New York and Paris are among the major cities bolstering security around their transit hubs and elsewhere.

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Among the factors that makes APB Online stand out from other crime blog sites is the fact that they cover basically everything ranging from street safety, family safety, anti-crime stories, patrol stories and reviews of what the police force is doing to combat crime.APB Online is a crime blog that exclusively covers current crime news.It was set up with the goal of bringing the latest police and criminal cases into the limelight. Two explosions, at least one caused by a suicide bomber, in the departure hall at Brussels Airport killed some 10 people just before 8 a.m. More than 230 others were wounded.• Was the Islamic State behind it? About an hour later, an explosion at the Maelbeek subway station in central Brussels, not far from the European Union’s core institutions, killed about 20 people.TASER aims to utilize their technology and partner with agencies to protect LEO…- While the authorities fight to keep crime out of the streets, there are several instances when some cases go unnoticed.