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In this brief guide, I’ll be explaining how to bypass or remove the Anti-theft protection on your Blackberry 10 device in case you never set such or you forgot your login credentials.

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It’s a solid brick of a phone, with a brushed metal frame and soft-touch rubberized back.

The buttons click with precision and all of the ports and openings are finely milled.

The defining characteristic of Black Berry smartphones is that they have physical keyboards with lots of little buttons that you can peck at with your fingers to write a message, compose an email, or perform a Google search.

Not every Black Berry phone has one of these keyboards, but the only ones that anyone remembers do.

Black Berry is very good about updating its phones with security patches, but it’s terrible about updating them to new versions of Android, so I wouldn’t buy the Motion expecting an Oreo update any time soon.

Black Berry largely leaves the Android interface unchanged, instead including new features in pre-installed productivity apps such as the Hub unified messaging client, BBM messenger, a tasks app, and a notes app.The new Black Berry Motion, which was released late last year but just arrived in the US a few weeks ago, does not have a physical keyboard.It is a typical, rectangular touchscreen slab phone, with a 5.5-inch display and a handful of buttons on the side.On top of that, the phone’s design is large and clunky, and it’s just not a very comfortable or enjoyable device to use.The standout feature for the Motion is its battery life.Unfortunately, its brick-like build quality is reflected in its squared shape, which isn’t comfortable to hold or keep in my pocket.