Updating visual studio 2016

Poor visibility puts your projects at risk and increases anxiety among your team.

The VSTS solution template automates reports that identify when resources are overloaded, where bottlenecks are hindering progress, and what risks are increasing. Gain Actionable Insights By connecting your VSTS instance to the solution template, you'll gain immediate answers to questions such as: • What's my progress by project and across the portfolio?

Dig into project bugs and figure out in what stages they predominantly appear, their severity, and who is responsible for resolving them.Development should be intentional and methodical, not reactive and frenetic.Most of the suggestions in the MS Community target a specific application (i.e., Word) but no suggestions targeting the OS update. Each new version of Visual Studio generally supports most previous types of projects, files, and other assets.• What is my distribution of Work Items by resource, project, and task stage?

• What percent of my Work Items are bugs, epics, features, issues, tasks, or case studies?If you don't see a project or file type listed here that should be, consult the Visual Studio 2015 version of this article and use the "Give documentation feedback" option at the bottom of this page to provide details of your project.(If you'd like a response, use the documentation feedback rather than the anonymous "Is this page helpful?Note also that some project types are no longer supported in Visual Studio 2017 at all and therefore cannot be migrated.Important Certain project types require installing the appropriate workloads through the Visual Studio installer.Download it, connect it to your VSTS instance, and immediately see your data come to life.