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The tweak involves using Microsoft's enterprise deployment tools, including Sysprep, to install Windows.

I have updated an excell file , but other users are not seeing the update Have disconnted the mapped drive but the information is not being updated. Alright I can see that you have a network and everything.. Do you have a file server or is everyone connecting your computer to see the file please explain the setup System Manufacturer/Model Number HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410f OS Windows 7 Ultimate x64 CPU AMD Phenom x6 1045t Motherboard N/A Memory 8 GB Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 5570 Sound Card Realtek Highdefinition Audio / 5.1 Dolby Setup Monitor(s) Displays HP w2207h Widescreen Screen Resolution 1680*1050 The Accounting Dept informed me that the file they are updating is not being updated.This only seems to be happening on the Windows 7 workstations and not Windows Xp workstation.The drive are mapped by a script , so there's no manual mapping here. A mapped drive is just a shared folder on one machine, that appears over the network as a drive on another.In the mapped drive there's an excell file that they frequently use and I've placed a shortcut of this file on their desktop for accessibility. It can be done manually, for the ordinary home user, or scripted, in a corporate setting.The specific variable used in that XML file is Profiles Directory.

Perhaps a look at the official documentation for that parameter would be useful:) to another location during Setup or Sysprep.Why not move the entire Users folder, including all the hidden subfolders within it? Their advice is firm and crystal-clear: Don't even try to relocate user profiles to another partition or disk on a production system running Windows.At least one Twitter follower insisted, in a lengthy back-and-forth, that this configuration should work just fine and is fully supported. Most of the people who have made this tweak did so by following instructions from a third-party website."Sorry, it looks like this PC can't run Windows 8.1.This might be because the Users or Program Files folder is being redirected to another partition."This affects a large number of desktop users with SSD system disks.That option solves most of the problem of big data files chewing up space on a small system drive without introducing any compatibility problems.