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XML is a technology that is designed for managing and sharing structured data in a human-readable text file.

XML follows industry-standard guidelines and can be processed by a variety of databases and applications.

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By using XML and Excel, you can manage workbooks and data in ways that were previously impossible or very difficult.By using XML maps, you can easily add, identify, and extract specific pieces of business data from Excel documents.The following are key scenarios that the XML features are designed to address: The following diagram shows how the different files and operations work together when you use XML with Excel.Essentially, there are five phases to the process: Adding an XML schema file (.xsd) to a workbook Mapping XML schema elements to individual cells or XML tables Importing an XML data file (.xml) and binding the XML elements to mapped cells Entering data, moving mapped cells, and leveraging Excel functionality, while preserving XML structure and definitions Exporting revised data from mapped cells to an XML data file You can create or open a workbook in Excel, attach an XML schema file (.xsd) to the workbook, and then use the XML Source task pane to map XML elements of the schema to individual cells or tables.However, XML tables do have some limitations regarding how they can be arranged on the worksheet.

You can use formulas in columns that are mapped to XML elements with an XML Schema Definition (XSD) data type that Excel interprets as a number, date, or time.Microsoft Excel makes it easy to import Extensible Markup Language (XML) data that is created from other databases and applications, to map XML elements from an XML schema to worksheet cells, and to export revised XML data for interaction with other databases and applications.Think of these XML features as turning Office Excel into an XML data file generator with a familiar user interface.You can also use a formula in a single-mapped cell, if the cell is mapped to an XML element with an XML Schema Definition (XSD) data type that Excel interprets as a number, date, or time.Top of Page XML tables are similar in appearance and functionality to Excel tables.You create a single-mapped cell by dragging a nonrepeating XML element from the XML Source task pane onto a single cell in your worksheet.