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The following deprecations were introduced during this release and will remain deprecated until version 1.17 when they will be retired.

The templates shipped with Foreman via community-templates will make use of this feature from this release on.This means the templates that come from Foreman will come locked and will be updated automatically in every release.In order to avoid unexpected changes in your templates, now you can lock them.This means only people with permission to unlock templates can modify them, other users would have to clone them.Placing the proxy on or near to the actual service will also help reduce latencies in large distributed organizations.

A new setting “Host Owner” (under Administer Settings) allows to set an default owner for newly provisioned hosts.1.15 facilitates logging to your newly created hosts through SSH by automatically adding the SSH keys from the user or user group that creates the host.These keys are also available to be used in templates and as part of the ENC data.Other operating systems will need to use alternative installation methods (see the manual).The installation will require 4GB of memory, see System Requirements for more information.The default owner can be a user or an user group, and the feature can be disabled if it is not needed.