Van hansis dating tyler hanes

The great Stockard Channing turns 74 today – let’s enjoy some moments from her magnificent career Four-time Emmy Award nominated actor Van Hansis and celebrated Broadway star Tyler Hanes first met as college students at Carnegie Mellon, but it took a chance meeting years later at a Broadway opening night to bring the two together romantically. His first two nominations came from playing “As the World Turns’” Luke Snyder, one half of the first gay couple to be featured on a soap opera.

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But my favorite thing is you in the morning right after you wake up. I do not like to clean the cat litter, but I did it today.

You are objective too, which I like, because you bring me back down to Earth and talk me off the ledge. Van Hansis: You make me do it because you will never do that. You don’t like when we feed the cats wet food because you won’t clean the cans and put them in recycling.

You’re funny, really funny, and you have such a child-like sensibility. What household chores do you love and what do you hate?

It’s the cutest thing because you are very fresh and dewy. You’re like Christmas morning, that’s what you are!

“Fredi Walker-Browne [Rent’s original Joanne Jefferson] came to see the show, and we both found interest in each other,” says Rodriguez. Playing Angel was a dream from the moment she saw the 2005 film adaptation with her father and told him, “Dad, I want to play this role.” To which he replied, “In due time.”At Rent, Rodriguez had friends and fans come who were changed by her performance—one woman, in particular, who just embraced Rodriguez in tears and said, “It was so moving.

“She had me do one of her readings, and then she told me, ‘You need to be seen for Angel in the upcoming Off-Broadway production,’ and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? I thought that person up there was real.” After Rent closed in September 2012, Rodriguez came to a decision to make it real.

I just usually run out of time, but I love cleaning the apartment. You don’t love cooking, but that’s not really a chore.

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You bring out the best in me and you’re very compassionate and understanding. Tyler Hanes: You like vacuuming and you like cleaning the cat litter.

You’re so funny and you’re very cute, so that doesn’t hurt. I just don’t know what I’m going to get with you and I’m always so excited to hear your point of view about things. Tyler Hanes: Your humor, first and foremost, because you’re just as weird, if not weirder, than I am.

“I feel like trans women need to be seen for more female roles, and trans men need to be seen for more cis male roles because it creates that comfortability…because, at some point, it can sometimes seem like a spectacle, and it can put us in a place of ‘We’re trending.’ I don’t want that.” As far as Rodriguez’s personal journey, her family and friends have only shown support, her confidence has skyrocketed, her dating life has improved, and she feels it “her duty” to educate those in her life about being transgender. You can’t force anyone to understand anything that they don’t want to understand. “To each his own.” Michael Gioia is the Features Manager at