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Do I need to collect a deposit or confirm a reference?Are you looking for an hour of quick fetish play or a 3 hour latex immersion?

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(Your level of fitness, perceived attactiveness, orientation or ethnicity isn’t relevant – leave it out)^^^^ This guy is very easy to reply to, it’ll take me 10 seconds to cross reference my schedule and give him a firm yes or no, then I can move into asking deeper relevant questions as time allows. There’s nothing worse than letting the anticipation and possibility of connection build only to be left wondering if she actually got your email, especially if she doesn’t reply within a few hours or days. The spam folder can be a cruel and unflinching Mistress.

If you’ve put your best foot forward and still got left on the sidelines, you can either resend your message or try again with someone else.

We almost always meet our clients more than half way with all communication, but if you want to draft something that gets a priority response, and she hasn’t specifically listed how to message her, considering something that looks a lot like this…. Review boards are full of anxiety riddled advice threads about it…set your email up to receive a ‘read receipt’.

Relevant info here: I’m recovering from surgery, I’m still sorting out flight schedule – any absolutely vital variables here. You’ll know the moment she opens your message and if she doesn’t, you’ll know to try again.

Obviously, we don’t always judge this harshly, sometimes personal availability comes together in a flash and you might not have the time before reaching out, but believe me, she has it written about how she wants to be communicated with somewhere and it’s best to follow those instructions.

Using alternate means she doesn’t specify could add some time to your response!

I promptly deleted his message and notified other locals of his history of start/stop messaging.

Instead of seeing him as a potential playmate, he was now just a unreliable wanker – and I don’t like playing with partners that I have to coax to my doorstep.

We likely won’t invest more than a second reading those and will likely put you on a national time wasters email list.

It happens a lot and those people have a reputation of basically zero follow through; we’ll pass.

It also sends a message that while you might be enthusiastic, you might not be willing to follow instructions.