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When it comes to being the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Pete Becker never stood a chance, but Michael Bisping, Stipe Miocic, and Conor Mc Gregor have all made fantastic names for themselves!

How is it then that none of them possess what one young woman does?

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Determined not to end the year medal-less, Rousey amazingly took home gold in Hungary at the world championships for the sport.Two years after her success, in 2006, Rousey took home gold in the UK, and was the first U. female to win a tournament of A-level in close to 10 years!With a phenomenal number of wins under her belt, it seems as though this star athlete has a lot she can be proud of over her career.But when things came to an unbelievable finish, what would be the outcome for Ronda Rousey?The following year Rousey was ranked at number one nationally in the half-middleweight section for women, becoming the youngest ever American to receive the title!

Even though Rousey had qualified to be on the Olympic team, she was unable to win a medal at the 2004 Olympics held in the game’s home city of Athens.

Rousey experienced great tragedy during her childhood.

While sledding as a family, Ron had an accident that led to him breaking his back.

While it is unusual to see sports that now have only one gender that is allowed to compete, such as synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics being women only, and four-man bobsleigh and 1500m freestyle swimming being for men alone, there are still some separations in sports where women athletes aren’t as well known!

Although the world of fighting is getting more female interest every year, and the number of female fighters is growing rapidly over time, it still isn’t a surprise that there are plenty more men involved in the sport.

Rousey had a problematic birth after she was born with her neck being wrapped in the umbilical cord, which caused a close graze with death after suffering from no oxygen.