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From flirting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to mastering the art of swiping right on mobile dating apps, we're here to help you find love in the digital age.

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[Read more] Meet Rachel and Jason who fell in love on the Tinder mobile dating app.She shared how the two met with some heartwarming details about their courtship. [Read more] Meet Adriana and Dave who found love and marriage on Tinder.For the generations before us, people would go to music halls to eye up their potential other half.My parents took an approach which seems unusual now in that they relied upon a chance meeting via fate to set off their union.Then there are the ones where it’s all how career minded they are, and now they just need the partner to compliment everything. If you met someone in a pub, could you imagine if they started rattling off all the places they’ve visited, what their favourite food is and then set out their romantic agenda in their first sentence.

You’d run a mile, but this is exactly what online dating does. I just feel that the online approach brings with it unrealistic expectation and the serious danger of people creating an identikit partner who must meet exact specifications as if they were a sofa or a washing machine.

Find out how swiping right lead her into his arms and to the altar.

With Tinder now reporting that 80% of their members...

On the other hand, you did not tell Auntie how long you have been chatting with this guy. When you meet, make sure it’s in a public place, and sommer take along a friend.

Chat openly to him about your concerns and see if he shares them.

Or maybe the ‘Diet Coke of love’ is a better way to describe it.