Web service reference not updating

My client side code is : namespace Client Application Thanks in advance !

Add a service reference in your client application by right-clicking the project and choose "Add Service Reference".

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Instead it just shows an int and a bool passed in as parameters If I add a new method to the class the web service is referencing, these changes are reflected client-side but if I change properties of the method they are not. This is a snapshot of the current 'state' of the service.When you make changes to the web service the proxy code isn't updated.If I delete the service reference and add it again, the proxy is properly generated.I add the service using the exact same settings as before, so I don't think it's a issue I can solve by changing the service reference configuration on the client.I've right-clicked the node and selected "Update Web Reference". The quickest workaround I've found is to delete and then re-add the service. I have a wcf service hosted in IIS, made some changes to the service (changed some data types to the members and changed some parameters to some methods) and in my wpf application I deleted original service reference, re-added the service reference and all the old info for the datamembers and methods are still there.

Hi, I am new to the WCF and facing some little problem.

I have a webservice on my local pc and I am adding a refernce to it on a cleint application.

It picks up the reference but when I change something on the web service and then update the reference on the client it doesn't reflect thae change.

Service config Client Service Reference Following some investigation I found these Stack Overflow questions Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 And this post Blog post Each of the above refer to the same problem of unticking the "Reuse types in references assemblies" flag which I have done. I have tried updating and deleting and recreating the service reference but it never updates the config file. Time Span(0, 10, 0); the binding configuration is generated in web.config file.

The cause was that VS2012 seemed to have messed up its configurations, and in the Publish dialog, suddenly my Pre Production configuration was associated with Debug. Changing this from "Debug" to "Pre Production" fixed the issue for me. In my case, it was caused by I set a binding parameter wrong on the web service side.

I have created a new IIS hosts WCF service using the web Http Binding which is currently running on on IIS Express on my development machine and when I try to "Add Service Reference" the service is correctly built and the file looks fine but the web.config or app.config files are not being updated. patching my "web.config" with the relevant settings.. when I deployed, well, it just seemed to include the default "web.config" file without any changes.