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The first step would be to become rational about certain kinds of irrational behavior.In , Mele's first book (1987), he counters the commonly held belief of philosophers, dating back to Socrates, that weakness of will and self-deception are logically or psychologically impossible. Why would we act contrary to what we judge it best to do? "Why not diet or why stop exercising when you were achieving the very results you desire?More than 94 percent of university instructors nationwide recently rated themselves as "better at their jobs than their average colleague." In a survey of a million high school seniors, 100 percent "thought they were above average in their ability to get along with others." Our neighbor refuses to be persuaded by evidence that would convince an impartial jury that his spouse is having an affair, his child is abusing drugs, or he is experiencing early symptoms of a life-threatening condition.

The idea to make the jump to professional golf came last August when Werkmeister won the Golf Association of Michigan Championship. The top five players earn full exemption status to the Champions Tour."The only obstacle I see is having to learn to win at that level," said Leslie Werkmeister, Tom's wife.It was the final major state championship for his trophy case, which is when it all clicked."He's just got a great mind for the game and a great mind for playing under pressure," said Mike Boogaard, Werkmeister's coach and part-time caddy. If he gets past that, he will compete in the final qualifying stage from Nov. "Maybe getting a year or two under his belt, getting exposed to that situation and then I think he's just going to step right into it and do what he does best -- put bullseyes on people's backs."As Werkmeister refines his game, he will continue to work at MCS Marketing in Jenison.Second, the treatment of the human good varies in the different dialogues, so that readers find themselves confronted with the problem of what to make of the discrepancies in different works.This touches on a fundamental problem with Plato’s work – namely whether to follow a ‘unitarian’, ‘revisionist’, or ‘developmentalist’ approach to Plato’s writings.Are we in control of our actions or do our actions choose us?

The answer may provide the greatest insight into what it means to be a human being. And again, while some say "Yes, action is choice," and others say "No, we are determined by culture or neuro-biology," Mele has found the balance.

" Between traditional philosophic strategies (relying heavily on semantics or failing to analyze various contingencies) and broad-sweeping homespun explanations ("It's just plain laziness") Mele has forged a nuanced explanation based on scientific experiments and philosophical analysis.

After addressing the roles played by beliefs, desires and intentions in producing human actions in his next book, (1995).

"Free will is not something you either have or don't," Mele explains.

"Not everyone has it to the same degree, and each individual is likely to have free will in different degrees, depending on the situation.

Werkmeister will turn his attention to the professional ranks and begin pursuing a spot on the Champions Tour, which is for players age 50 and over."I feel like I had to win and keep winning to make me believe that I can compete at the next level," he said.