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If you’d like to compare DIY monitoring systems like Simpli Safe with professionally monitored systems like Frontpoint, try out our Home Security Package Selector tool.Brianna is an experienced copywriter and editor who has written about home security, personal safety, insurance, and much more.

Although a monitored system will cost more each month than a system you build or monitor by yourself, professionally monitored systems offer much more security.

If you choose one of the following systems, you can save money by installing the equipment yourself, but you’ll also have the security that comes with monthly monitoring.

Although we always recommend choosing a professionally monitored home security system, we understand that isn’t the right choice for everyone.

If you’d rather handle the installation and monitoring on your own, consider one of these DIY home security systems.

You can always add new equipment to your setup if you decide you want more motion sensors or an extra wireless keypad for your garage.

Setting up your security system on your own saves you money that you’d normally spend on professional installation—but your time is valuable too, so installing your own system still needs to be easy. You don’t need to connect any wires or drill holes.

To learn more about these companies, check out our detailed post with reviews of the top home security systems.

Ultimately, deciding what DIY home security system is best for you will depend on your budget, priorities, and personal taste.

This means you can set it up quickly, but it also means you can pack it up and move it to a new place without much trouble, which makes Simpli Safe an excellent option for renters.

We appreciate Simpli Safe’s confidence in its own equipment and service.

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