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These lists evidently sell magazines; Americans are always searching for the land over the rainbow where the grass grows greener.According to the Daily Camera, Boulder has been listed in the following magazines in the last four years (1999-2003; actual articles in | The No.

But I'm OK letting him keep his viewpoint-- and wait for Trump to make America great again by giving him his old job back-- far away from here."How Boulder Became America's Startup Capital" (Inc., 2013).28th Street (Route 36) and 30th street are the other major north-south thoroughfares.Pearl Street is a major east-west thoroughfare, interrupted by the pedestrian Mall between 11th and 15th Streets.1 place to live in America if you want to be happy | National Geographic: These are the Happiest Cities in the United States And on and on. Boulder is notorious for arch leftist, wealthy, hypocrites.

I'm still waiting for some Techstars entrepreneur to put happiness in a bottle and market it (organic, gluten and GMO-free). The politics of Boulder are arch leftist and, at the same time, exclusive and for the rich. Where I live we have hunting, fishing, camping, dogs, guns and ammunition, and not the GD politics of the Left." I could try telling him that most Boulderites are politically liberal, well-educated and hard-working, which creates a degree of prosperity.

Jook also created amazing panoramas of lunch at BJ's, (La dolce vita, Boulder style!

), Santa's helper (AKA Rosemary from Downtown Boulder) in front of the Boulder Bookstore, and chez moi.

His Times Square New Years 2004 panoramas are astounding.

The weather is sunny and dry most of the time— we get as much sunshine as San Diego, but we get occasional afternoon thunderstorms in late spring and summer.

It's also an hour's drive to Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.