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Ryan was adopted in by the Cohen family and raised along side their nerdy son Seth (Adam Brody) during their melodramatic high school formative years. might’ve waned as rich girl Marissa Cooper went haywire, I still held a small torch for Mc Kenzie and Brody way past the show’s completion. Rawat married in 2012 and no, Ryan did not burst through the chapel doors and interrupt the ceremony to object. I don't think Ryan did ever get over Marissa's death. Where she went, I have no idea, but seeing as the actress, Nikki Reed, is dating Ian Somerhalder, Mc Kenzie would have to get in line to woo her.It’s basically Gossip Girl’s West coast counterpart. Yes, even if Brody married Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester this year, I still — wait a sec. I guess that leaves me to wonder if Ben Mc Kenzie is dating anyone? Played by Autumn Reeser, Taylor stood by as Ryan had to cope with Marissa's death, but all the while she loved him unconditionally. The series ended a little ambiguously for these two as they shared a knowing glance at Summer and Seth's wedding.

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He has a prominent nose with light brown hair color and blue eye color.Three years ago, I shared a dinner table at the swanky UNICEF Gala with Benjamin Schenkkan.Starting from 2009, he made his appearance in an American television crime drama series Southland where he made his acting presence as Ben Sherman.And since 2014, he had featured in the lead role as James Gordon in an American crime television series Gotham.In that sense, all of them are similar to me in different ways. I feel like that is maybe more similar to me, but it's a hard question to answer. It didn't go to series, but Bruno and I really hit it off.

This role might be more similar than the other two. Glamour: This role reunites you with Fox again, but you've traded the sunny shores of Orange County for gritty Gotham. He called me and said,"I've written this part with you in mind, so I'd like you to take a look." That was very flattering, so that's how it started.Glamour: You just turned 36, which is insane to me. " Then it feels like you've been doing it for a while. Ben: It's my sleep chamber.] I don't know.I like the intensity to be about the work and everything else just be relaxed, calm, and quiet.Ben Mc Kenzie was also linked with Amanda Loncar and Shelley Hennig in the past.Ben started dating his Gotham co-star, Morena Baccarin and after a year of dating, he announced his engagement to his girlfriend in September 2015.He had a child named Frances La Santa Schenkkan with his partner in 2016.