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When we got our first flat together, I said, "OK, we're going to move some furniture." He goes, "OK, I'll meet you at your parents' house at 9 o'clock in the morning." I said, "OK, John, here's the deal.I don't do anything in the morning." He was pretty much a straight arrow, and I was the opposite of that, I was just what you'd imagine a musician to be.He brought that American folk thing, and that was his important contribution to the creation of the Hall & Oates sound. He's a dedicated person, and when he makes up his mind about something, he sticks to it. I look at the whole picture, and I'm a little slack at the details.

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They were white, obviously, and the audience was, like, Wohhhh!

There were murmurings of, like, "These guys, are they going to deliver or not?

When I graduated from college in the spring of 1970, I decided to hitchhike around Europe with my guitar and my backpack. The place I was staying in, Daryl's sister had sublet it with her boyfriend through the summer, and I guess they didn't pay the rent, because when I got back the doors were bolted shut, and all my stuff was gone.

Daryl was married at the time, and he and his wife had a really tiny house, but he said, "Hey, come and stay with us." So, we were there and we just started writing songs.

And suddenly, right before we were due to go on, a fight broke out between rival high-school fraternities - which really were just gangs with Greek letters. I said, "Oh, well, you didn't get to go on, either. You go to Temple University, I go to Temple University.

See you later, bye." And that was it, that's how we met.I think that's where the complementary thing happens.He has a very strong sense of loyalty and honour, all those things which are old-fashioned but necessary. We've grown apart in the sense that it's a working relationship now, whereas it used to be much more personal.They both grew up in Philadelphia, and were educated at Temple University.Hall, 48, lives in London and New York with Sara Allen, who has co-written many Hall & Oates songs. Oates (far right), 48, is married with one young son.All I knew was soul music, gos- pel music, and I wanted to learn about other things.