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RM: You spent a decade at Sony and started your company, Franklin Entertainment to develop and produce films.

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We pursued it for fun initially, we did a ton of “extra” work, and then it kind of kept upgrading to having a Barbie commercial, then a Pringles commercial, now you have a Mc Donald’s commercial to having one line, then two lines, then you’re in three scenes, literally working from the bottom up.

My mom was super supportive and when we told her we wanted to do it not as a hobby but as careers, we were like 13 and 15 years old; she quit her job at the bank and started managing us.

So it really was my mom raising me, my older sister, my brother – who has a learning disability, and then later down the line my mom ended up getting remarried and we adopted my younger sister as well.

Me and my older sister told my mom when we were like four and six that we wanted to pursue acting.

RM: Meagan, you started acting at the age of four, which I would assume means you had to rely heavily on your family practically in terms of getting to auditions and encouragement through the process.

What did your relationship with your parents and siblings look like?What influence did your faith have as you navigated Hollywood?MG: What influenced it was that a friend of mine, and a friend of hers in school, got into a car accident and three people died – they were all teenagers except they were babysitting a five-year-old little girl who died as well. I would go because my god-mom taught youth group, but I wasn’t necessarily saved, I would just go.One of the thing’s Will told me was, “It’s not about how hard you work, but it is about how long you are willing to work.” Everyone works hard, but the difference-maker is how long you can work.Those that can work hard and work long will succeed, and I use that lesson almost every day.Risen Magazine: What was it about movies and the entertainment industry that made you want to pursue it as a career?