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Better known as the Cash Me Ousside Girl, Bregoli became an Internet sensation by bullying her mother and calling a group of women "hoes" on The Dr. David Spade might not seem like the most likely ladies man in Hollywood, but for reasons that might forever defy explanation, the 52-year-old remains wildly popular with actresses and models who aren't old enough to remember the release of Tommy Boy.He may have played second fiddle to Chris Farley for much of his career, but when it comes to scoring with the hottest women in Hollywood, David Spade takes a backseat to none.

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Cuoco gave her husband a choice: go to rehab or get a divorce. But after checking out of the facility, Sweeting went missing for four days.Twenty years ago today, the Chris Farley-David Spade comedy Tommy Boy roared into theaters with, um..than stellar reviews.The Easter bunny and the f--king tooth fairy are for sure dating. "However, another source says it's casual but they're having a great time, and Rivera's said to be telling her friends that Spade spoils her rotten and...well, what's not to love about that?Meanwhile, regardless of how real the connection was, pretty much every year of Spade's life since the mid-90s is accounted for when it comes to being linked, attached, rumored to be dating or actually dating someone. But at 52, the perennial bachelor is also at a point when prancing around with 30-year-old Rivera, a star of the subsequent generation, is going to cause more conversation than his love life has in the past. Basically, Rivera is being romanced by the bachelor-era George Clooney of the comedy world.

For various reasons—probably the biggest one being that he's a man, and the distant second being that none of it involved cheating on a spouse—Spade's playboy ways have just quietly woven themselves into the fabric of Hollywood lore.Mere minutes after we wrote the words "Camila Alves pregnant" - while commenting on how many young, unmarried celebrities are expecting - word came out of yet another single beauty being knocked up.Indeed, Jillian Grace isn't as well-known as Jamie Lynn Spears or Halle Berry, but the 22-year-old Playboy Playmate is claiming that David Spade is the father of her impending child.The diminutive comic has hooked up with scores of models, including Heather Locklear and Lala Kent, and now he's gettin' it in with the heir to Kate Upton's boob throne: In September, Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from her husband Ryan Sweeting.As the details of their divorce have unfolded over the last few months, it certainly hasn’t been without some serious drama.Handsome actor turned producer was born in the remarkable city of California.