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What is interesting is that she made a fucking scene last year because I magazine she posted nude for posted the pics she signed off on…but is getting topless in Vogue because it’s Vogue… I mean sure you can’t see her nipples, but that just makes it more of a bullshit shoot than the other shoot..where you could see her nipples…because when you’re a panty promo model…you’re a slut and a slut who doesn’t show nipples is the kind of slut who shouldn’t succeed as a slut.

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I am sure she’s not the first girl who wants the success her sister had. All while having nothing the sister had, the talent or the compelling personality, or hustle…but she does have her sister’s promotional tools, and contacts, and people try to help her…when they should just be honest with her and let her know to work in other areas and that she should use the sister to open doors for things she’s actually good at, but ego doesn’t let that happen…can’t just ride the wave, needs to be the TOP of the wave but will always been Miley’s sister…

Point is…I like when angst and jealously comes in the form of rebellion and sex tapes…not whatever this is….

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You know, not that the soldiers who died for your freedom wore bikinis, or had bolt on tits, but after a year in the ground, the likely decomposed to look like whatever the fuck this monster looks like…

SEE THE REST OF THE PICS HERE Both women who shouldn’t be wearing leotards in concert, but who are wearing leotards in concerts, because I guess that’s the style of girls in concerts….

But then again, all women look better in leotards, even fat women looking like stuffed sausages, because a fabric that touches pussy, anus and nipples at the same time is a glorious invention – except when you have to pee at a public bathroom…CLICK HERE Alicia Silverstone’s Divorce from her Husband CLICK HERE Mental Dump Truck Crash CLICK HERE Live Streamers Get Jumped Over Racist Joke…CLICK HERE It’s Memorial Day, but I am not American so I don’t need to send out a fake thank you to all the troops, who really joined the army due to not having other options, or living out an obligation they thought they had to live out, because of family pressure or whatever.Ashley Tisdale got herself a full fucking rebuild…or maybe it’s a social media fact filter…but I like to think it’s more some face injections, probably the same face injections Khloe Kardashian got that turned her from big potato headed monster from the woods of the Pacific North West, I guess we’d call Big Foot, to being someone who looks like a porn chick that black guys seem to like cumming inside…scientific advancements or some shit…Well, Tisdale, who already has a fake nose, that was botched, is on some other shit, with her tits out, where there is possibly nipple, but I don’t think there’s nipple, as she is no longer a 28 year old playing a girl in Highschool, but a 35 year old wife trying to have some level of sex appeal as her peers just keep getting fatter.Some call it zombie, others call it skeleton, I call it reminiscent of every near death crackwhore who was malnourished enough to use my cum as a source of calories and my money as access to more crack.