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Dwyane Wade had a brilliant performance tonight, scoring 28 points on 11-16 shooting in a Heat win over the Sixers, but his wife Gabrielle Union does not want you to call it “vintage”: Oh, and there’s more: Any guesses as to what that somethin’ could be?

Wade sipped all three, but in Goldilocks style, only one was just right -- 75 percent cabernet, 15 percent merlot, 7 percent cabernet franc, 2.5 percent petit verdot, 0.5 percent malbec, featuring notes of dark chocolate, cured tobacco, sage and blueberry pie.

Wade beamed as he sipped that combination, declaring, "I feel like I've arrived.

The river of black shuttle buses negotiates sharp switchbacks, bouncing upward along miles of uneven pavement that fades into dirt, from two lanes to one, climbing beneath oak forest that blocks out the morning light. Finally, a metal gate appears, a large "M" at its center, and soon the Cleveland Cavaliers pour out of the buses.

Burned hillsides, stippled with the black skeletons of trees, loom ominous.

The fire, when it came, had raced in from the west, feeding on dry underbrush, roaring over the hills.

Winds swept it along the edges of and into Mayacamas' vineyards, the intense heat threatening dormant vines harvested not long before.No groups, that is, until today, a clear, brisk late-December Thursday -- two days before James' 33rd birthday -- when the Cavaliers arrive for a midseason two-day Napa getaway. Smith, sitting on a couch against a back wall, raises his hand. For both to shine, it takes so much work no one will ever see.At Mayacamas, organizers had rushed to prepare for the Cavaliers, hauling away burned rubble in huge bins. travels with a wine case, one he toted to the 2016 Rio Olympics, bringing along bottles of pinot noir.A few years ago, maybe 2014, he attended a dinner at the home of one of the East Coast's biggest collectors, along with about 80 others, all well versed in vino, and everyone was asked to bring his or her very best bottle. I don't want to be "that guy." Because I know those guys are coming with '50s, '60s, '70s. So he brought a Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé magnum, late 1990s. But then she pursued her own label -- Vanilla Puddin, a California chardonnay -- and an opportunity arose.They'd go deep into their cellars, bringing the heat. At the end of the night, there was a contest to select the best bottle. Wade was young in wine but believed he might do such a thing at 40, after retiring. By summer 2014, there he was, sitting at the Bardessono Hotel in Yountville, with three cabernet-centric red blends in front of him, each one crafted by Pahlmeyer to fit the style he specifically requested.He became driven to pick up the tasting notes in any glass.