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He underwent microfracture surgery of the knee in September 2007, and missed the entire 2007–08 NBA season as a result.

He recovered and made his NBA debut on opening night 2008.

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I only bring up the reality-television dating show for millionaires because you realize pretty quickly in watching that show that the woman charged with finding suitable partners for the rich would be so much better served to have the exes of the millionaires in for a sit-down.And to this, I offer the rest of the NBA, "Rules for Dating Greg Oden" from Oden's ex-NBA city. (born January 22, 1988) is an American former professional basketball player who last played for the Jiangsu Dragons of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).Oden, a 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m), 273-pound center, played college basketball at Ohio State University for one season, during which the team was the Big Ten Champion and the tournament runner-up in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship.I saw a television reality dating show recently called "The Millionaire Matchmaker" in which a woman who runs this dating operation is charged with hooking up the ultra-rich with mates.

Now, if you're super rich, and also, unable to find love or some reasonable facsimile, you probably are either tragically unlucky or socially inept. This city was so burned that the draft-day anniversary, June 28, ought to be a city-wide holiday in which we're all allowed to sit around in street clothes and mope.

Some TMZ camera goon caught Oden sitting on the curb outside a Miami nightclub in the summer of 2011 and mistook him for Le Bron James. The failed expectations in Portland, even in the No.

21 media market in the country, felt crippling at times for Oden. The fact that he'd re-emerge as a peripheral contributor who might offer low-risk and high reward shouldn't be a call to every championship contributor to make a run at Oden. There were questions even entering the pre-draft workouts about whether he had a deep desire to play basketball or was simply born into the 7-foot body.

The source says she was always curious as to who the NBA star might be dating and, upon a chance encounter, saw the two together when Destinee was hosting a party at Cameo, a popular Miami nightclub.

Later, our source decided to check out Destinee’s Instagram, only to find a slew of photos of Destinee beside Oden. While two people being photographed/seen together over and over isn’t always an indicator of blossoming love, it can be in Hollywood Land.

Oden is beginning the re-invention of his professional basketball career. Portland is the only NBA city that should want nothing to do with him. And, yet, Portland, the ex, knows exactly what he needs.