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The judge said Mr Terry’s many lucrative sponsorship deals would be threatened if the allegations cause a storm of controversy.

He is currently the face of Umbro sportswear and has appeared in advertisements for electronics giant Samsung and building society Nationwide.

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Last month, a football manager succeeded in keeping his identity out of the papers despite being spotted visiting a brothel.In contrast, there are different privacy law binding the US media and Tiger Woods has lost several highly-paid deals since his serial infidelities were publicised.“That is why sponsors may be sensitive to the public image of those sportspersons whom they pay to promote their products.“Freedom to live as one chooses is one of the most valuable freedoms.England's captain grabbed more headlines in the days that followed when it was reported that he'd impregnated Perroncel and later arranged for her to have an abortion.

The married Chelsea centre-half was alleged to have slept with French model Vanessa Perroncel when she lived with full-back Wayne Bridge.The father of three-year-old twins was granted a so-called “super injunction” stopping any details of his private life being discussed.He had originally successfully argued in the High Court that exposing his relationship would be a breach of his right to a “private and family life”.He said that there was no suggestion that the conduct in question ought to be unlawful or that any editor would ever suggest that it should be.“But in a plural society there will be some who would suggest that it ought to be discouraged.Sports figure(s) involved: John Terry and Wayne Bridges Year: 2010 John Terry had an alleged four-month affair with Wayne Bridge's sweetie, lingerie model Vanessa Perroncel.