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(laughs) Akiva: We were actually born in Berkeley, we all went to Berkeley High School…We got to high school and we all became friends and it basically was maybe eight dudes, and just like we call ourselves "The Dudes" now, in high school we called ourselves "The Fellas." We’ve really matured and grown. Andy: I love that you said, “Eight dudes called themselves The Fellas…

Sure, we were there to talk up Hot Rod, which Akiva directed and which stars Andy and Jorma.But really it started to feel like I was back cracking jokes and shooting the breeze with my old buddies, so relaxed and fun was this interview.Jorma’s maternal grandfather was the son of Swedish immigrants, and had Swedish, along with some German and Scottish, ancestry.Jorma’s maternal grandmother had English, Scottish, German, distant Dutch, and likely Irish, ancestry.(laughs) Pretty much when you’re in high school your dream is to figure out who’s going to pay you to just joke around with your friends from high school, and the three of us went off and the other five are like chemists and studied American Studies in Michigan and are getting their Ph Ds… before they became The Dudes.” (laughs) Much more interview if you Q.

I know you went to UCSC and I was wondering what it was like trying to have a sense of humor in a town that sometimes can be on the sensitive side.Jorma’s paternal grandfather is Frank Tacconi/Taccone (the son of Antonio Tacconi/Taccone and Pauline). Jorma’s paternal grandmother is Sybil Ramirez (the daughter of Fred Ramirez and Amalia).Sybil was born in New York, to Puerto Rican parents. Jorma’s maternal grandfather was Lars Gustav Ehnebuske (the son of Gustav/Gustaf Arvid Ehnebuske and Agnes Elly von Platen). Jorma’s great-grandfather Gustav was born in Vislanda, Sweden, the son of Oscar Ehnebuske and Augusta Bergelin.In the earlier Lonely Island stuff, all three of you did stuff onscreen.Was there ever a time when you made the conscious decision to make Andy "the face," the guy who’s out there?Growing up together in Berkeley, California, the three are now working together on "Saturday Night Live" and are about to release their first feature film, Hot Rod, this Friday.