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Nollywood has really gone far but we still haven’t escaped the basics.

We have really come a long way where we have gone through the phase of the home video market and now structures are coming in place that ensure production of quality movies and the messages they convey.

Out of all my siblings, I was the only singled out because everyone was left with their devices and I was locked in the study to read.

We have Westerners calling us all sorts of names like fraudsters, criminals and other negative names but the best way we can dispel such things is through our music, films, arts, e.t.c and the total portrayal of our culture through entertainment.That way, we can bring investors to Nigeria and also promote our business abroad.While we have the existence of the cinemas doing their businesses, we still have a strong demand for home videos to satisfy the urge of the audience.Furthermore, the government hasn’t done their bit in providing the infrastructures to aid filmmaking.I have done so many jobs as a computer programmer, store manager, bus driver and so many things but nothing gives me the desired satisfaction than what acting as well as writing had given me.

Your dad introduced you to literature and make-believe at a very tender age.

By w Ikeagwu is one of Nigeria’s most admirable actors.

An easy going dude mostly described as the ladies man has acted in hundreds of movies and soap operas.

Would you say that influenced your going into acting?

That was very influential because it inadvertently led to make me become who I am today.

Is there any role you played that you later realized you didn’t give your best?