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Similarly, Kimberly that it was nearly time for her 13-year-old dog Melba. She looks really alluring and has many male fan followings.

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With over hundred thousand followers, Kimberly has got quite a fan following.

She is active on Twitter and Instagram and often tries to connect to her fans.

Regardless of who the father of the kid is now and who the father of her child was back then, we would like to wish the very best for her and her child. Born on March 5, 1978, in Bellflower, California, U.

S., Kimberly Mccullough is an American actress who is best known for her role in the famous series "General Hospital" as Robin Scorpio, a series which he has been a part of since she was seven years old.

And although I no longer have the luxury of being naive, I can’t help but think that the timing is just perfect.” Caption: Kimberly Mc Cullough reveals her pain of losing her child before birth. Nice to know that life has given her second go at having a child and she now seems entirely cautious about her pregnancy as she often talks about her pregnancy.

Although Kimberly revealed that she lost her baby before the baby was even born, she did not disclose the father of the kid just like she has not revealed the father of the child she has now conceived.Now Kimberly is said to be with Jason Cook who is an actor who worked alongside Kimberly Mc Cullough on General Hospital as Dr. They were engaged in August 2009 for which it has been more than seven years this duo is living together as a fiancé.According to the site Famoushookups, Kimberly is still engaged to Jason Cook but nearly four years also she announced that she has a new boyfriend.Even on her personal blog, she has not even mentioned her boyfriend's name.Kimberly has given the hint that the father of the baby is the man she is currently in a relationship with but the name is a secret to everyone. It is too much of a news for a mother to hear that her unborn baby daughter cannot share this world. Prior dating Freddie, there is no news of Mc Cullough having an affair with anyone.