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Most recently, she’s given Full House fans exactly what they wanted by reprising her role as Gia on an episode of Fuller House.Beyond that, Sokoloff says you can find her blogging, auditioning or heading to her favorite place—Disneyland—with her husband and girls!Although the film wasn’t a huge hit, it was Griffith’s last film credit.

“Acting kind of pays my bills more than music does.” Getting her start in Hollywood as Stephanie Tanner’s rebellious chain-smoking enemy-turned-friend Gia Mahan on Full House, Marla Sokoloff is quick to admit that her eight-episode gig on the popular family sitcom launched her career.Leaving Full House in 1995 and going on to make appearances on shows like Step by Step and Home Improvement before joining the cast of Party of Five, Sokoloff enjoyed a resurgence in her career when she starred as Lucy Hatcher on The Practice from 1998 to 2004. Born on December 19, 1980 in San Francisco, California, Sokoloff grew up in Los Angeles where her mother worked as a caterer and her father worked as a podiatrist.Marla Lynne Sokoloff (born December 19, 1980) is an American actress.She is known for playing the part of Lucy Hatcher on the television show The Practice and Gia Mahan on the ABC sitcom Full House and Fuller House. Sokoloff graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.“I remember being so excited that I got to smoke herbal cigarettes,” she recalled. I thought I was so cool, but the second they would yell ‘Cut! But we thought we were being so bad.” Amid her success on Full House for two years, Sokoloff made one-episode appearances on television series like Step by Step and Home Improvement in addition to making her silver screen debut as Margarite “Cokie” Mason in the 1995 teen flick, The Baby-Sitters Club.

’ a prop guy would rip the cigarette out of my hand.” Of course, Sokoloff managed to keep one of those “fake” cigarettes and later smoked it behind a building at Universal Studios with a friend. From there, she joined the cast of Party of Five as Jody Lynch for seven episodes and hopped between series like 3rd Rock from the Sun, Over the Top and 7th Heaven before finding another primetime role when she was cast as Lucy Hatcher on The Practice in 1998.

Since then, Sokoloff has welcomed two daughters—Elliotte Anne (2012) and Olive Mae (2015).

Today, Sokoloff has found time to share her life as a mother of two on People magazine’s blog where she discusses everything from pregnancy fears to breastfeeding and marriage.

On Tuesday People revealed the 34-year-old actress welcomed daughter Olive Mae Puro on Friday.

If the name Olive sounds familiar that's because Drew Barrymore gave her first child, now aged two, the same moniker.'Being a parent can be challenging,' the star began.

Although she stayed fairly busy on the silver screen, she never found true A-lister status after achieving only moderate success in films like Love on the Side, Sugar & Spice, The Tollbooth, The Climb, Whatever It Takes and Dude, Where’s My Car?