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Such was the magnificence of Trinity Church that, in his chapter on Phillips Brooks' chancel in Ralph Adams Cram: An Architect's Four Quests, Douglass Shand-Tucci calls it "an American Hagia Sophia", a reflection of Brooks' architectural and liturgical tastes, disclosed in his travel writings, where in Germany for instance he referred to "thrilling music" and "thrilling incense" in respect to a liturgy he attended there in the Roman Catholic cathedral.

Holy Week in Rome also greatly moved him, especially the papal high mass on Easter.

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Behind the free standing altar there was another revival from the early church chancel, a great synthranon for priests which surrounded the apse.Because Massachusetts had two bishops then the bishops chairs were placed within the altar rail to either side of the holy table.Here Phillips Brooks preached Sunday after Sunday to great congregations, until he was consecrated Bishop of Massachusetts in 1891.In 1886, he had declined an election as assistant bishop of Pennsylvania.Although he despaired of Anglo-Catholic ritualism, he championed many aspects of the liturgical movement including congregational singing at the liturgy.

At the eucharist, for instance, he would preach, not from the pulpit, but from the chancel steps, and although he liked to preach in a black academic gown he never failed to appear in a comodious white surplice and priest's stole when he officiated at the office or eucharist.Other editors will be able to edit your text in a collaborative way.Please refer to wikipedia for a good example of how an about description might look.On April 30, 1891 he was elected sixth Bishop of Massachusetts, and on the 14 October was consecrated to that office in Trinity Church.He died unmarried in 1893, after an episcopate of only 15 months.His death was a major event in the history of Boston.