Who is scrappy the rapper dating

A lot of people said he was dating Diamond from the dirty south rap group Crime Mob.it's false.In June of this year [2009] it will be Brooke and Scrappy's 2nd year of dating.

Which took their love off the pole and into a seat at a fancy restaurant with the dude they once danced for?

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And as a woman from the South, New York and the West coast are always known to run things in hip-hop. But it was a challenge because Southern artists aren’t really as lyrical so NY so it’s a bit challenge. It’s him being a businessman and matching his brands with other things.

But I think for me as Diamond, I don’t face that challenge. A lot of time I tell my manager, “I’m getting old now” you know when I turn 27, I got to stop and he’s like man “you still a baby”. I want to say he’s one of the first ones that initiated me to think on that level, when I started spending more time with him.

Schoolboy Q was IN a gang, and he doesn’t claim to killing people or anything, he admits all he really did was sell Oxycotin, some weed, got beat up, and beat people up. Rick Ross grew up in a terrible neighbourhood, yes he became a CO, but he mighta sold drugs… Scenes often morbid/brutal but given a type of beauty by how they are painted.

I also know a friend who deals guns and ish, he ain’t in a gang, but he’s affiliated. Obviously, he is a poser though, working with law enforcement and then acting as a thug, I get that Thing is we don’t know if Ross was A. *Doctor octagon, gravediggaz, early eminem, 90’s era memphis, myself Many people to me forget the artistry of rap and dwell too much on the biographical angle promoted by the mainstream.

But I’m to the point now where I know that I have a brand and it’s certain things that have to be protected.

And if they’re not protected, I’m not doing it period.

We had a situation where, someone was stealing money from us and also there was a cease and desist on our project because at the time my management didn’t pay one of the writers who wrote on the album.

We had no idea, we were touring, and so we had to sit out about 9 months until that actually got worked out.

we all know who they are, those rappers who claiming they kill,sell drugs,repping gangs and all that other stuff.