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In September 2014, the health of The Undertaker drew concern after rumors emerged on social media that Fred Durst, vocalist of the multi-platinum nu metal band Limp Bizkit, dedicated the song “Rollin'”, which the legendary wrestler used as his entrance theme during his “American Bad Ass” phase in the early 2000s, at a concert: “This next song goes out to our friend Mark Calaway, The Undertaker.He’s not doing real well right now and we want all our fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.” Mc Cool responded to the rumor on Instagram, and said her husband was fine.– Once considered taboo, former WWE Diva Michelle Mc Cool has been giving fans a peek at her relationship with “The Deadman” himself, The Undertaker.

Easily verifiable details, such as his age, have been the subject of controversy over the years.The Undertaker is legitimately 51-years-old; he was born on March 24, 1965, in Houston, Texas.Two pieces of evidence, however, confirm that he was legitimately born in 1965.According to My Heritage’s list of births in Texas in 1965, Mark William Calaway — The Undertaker’s real name — was born in Houston on March 24, 1965.Welcome to the home of the annual Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair!

Each year at The Gladstone Hotel, we feature an eclectic and inspiring mix of local and international crafters and and artists.As always, the Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair is brought to you by Come As You Are Co-operative.Come As You Are is the world's only worker-owned co-operative sex shop!Professional wrestlers often seem older than they are, especially those who have been around for years.The punishment which they subject themselves to causes them to age prematurely, and the human memory plays tricks with time.Furthermore, according to the official website of Stephen Pool Waltrip High School, he graduated from the Houston school in 1983.